I’ve Been Wondering

Much to the annoyance of my children growing up. I love walking through museums that contain ancient artifacts stopping at each item and reading the attached description. While the description may date the item and give information as to its use. Most often what is missing is the story behind the artifact.

I have been wondering about the story behind different items as I move about the facility at GSBC. In Pastor Chris’s instructions that he left for me, there is a brief paragraph of some of the items with a description of who created or donated the piece. What’s missing for me is the stories behind each piece. I’m sure there may be others like me who are wondering the significance of the items and stories behind each one.

So I was thinking. If each month I share a picture of an item or space in the GSBC facility of curiosity. Whoever may know the story of how it came to be, you email it to my email at GSBC <aanend@gsbchurch.com>. I will then share it in a later newsletter?

If you are willing, first up is the piece pictured above right outside the sanctuary. I look forward to hearing more about it.

Grace, Peace, and Love,
P. Denise