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This week, during Sunday worship, Rev. John Armagost will share his message, “Amazed and Perplexed,” and take inspiration from Acts 2: 1-12.

May 19
10:30 AM
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
6915 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036
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Upcoming events

Festival Sunday
June 2
12:00 PM
In lieu of our regular worship, we will be wrapping up our Sunday School year with a celebration of graduations and volunteers, presentation of Bibles, the Election of Deacons, and a joyful art mural project. We’ll conclude with a potluck lunch. Details to follow.
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
6915 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Our ongoing anti-racism work

Stephen Townes, An Offering, Mixed Media
Photo taken at and description below from the Museum of African American History

“All of my work is rooted in my growing up in the Deep South. My work is in direct response to issues permeating African American culture. Issues such as loss of ancestral roots, slavery, class, education, skin tone and religion. I create beauty despite misfortune in life.”

The subject of An Offering was inspired by Marcus Rediker’s 2007 book, The Slave Ship: A Human History. The series of panels pays homage to West African people who were uprooted from their families and forced to endure the brutality of the Middle Passage and enslavement. The shape of each panel recalls the shape of the iconic 18th-century British slave ship, the Brookes. The candles represent an offering to these ancestors in a gesture of gratitude and solace. (photo taken at and description from the Museum of African American History).

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