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Our ongoing anti-racism work

Yesterday I attended a webinar for Social Studies teachers called “Life after Warming” with David Wallace-Wells. Wallace-Wells is a climate and science columnist for the New York Times and in 2019 he published a book called, The Uninhabitable Earth. Fortunately, as he shared yesterday, he’s become more optimistic about our ability to mitigate climate change since he finished the manuscript in 2018. What I took from his talk is that he believes we will solve the climate crisis but the question is, how quickly. Since 2018 we have made great strides in green energy and many red states like Texas and North Dakota are leading the way because it now makes economic sense. His message to teachers is to engage in deep conversations with students and allow them and ourselves to feel many ways about climate, because like COVID19, it will at times be unpredictable and we’ll have limited control over weather and fire and other impacts. We can feel both worried and hopeful, overwhelmed and empowered. We can have an impact. He says we should start with talking about it because we impact our own and others’ behavior when it becomes part of our conversations. Drive electric cars, eat less or no meat, and fly less or not at all. Contact our legislators to support bills for better infrastructure and sustainable food production. Stay informed and keep doing what you can.  

Why is this in the Anti-Racism column? Because Northern, predominantly White countries, especially the United States are the most responsible for the carbon in the atmosphere that is creating the climate chaos. The U.S. has produced roughly 25% of the carbon and yet countries in Africa and South Asia are feeling greater impacts and can shield themselves less from the them. New Delhi may have reached its highest temperature of 126 degrees yesterday. Poorer areas in the U.S. also feel disproportionate effects. It is our moral responsibility to fix the issue that we have caused. Most of the carbon has come from fossil fuels burned during my lifetime. And we in the North are feeling the impacts too. Last year in Canada, the forest fires created more carbon than all the rest of their economy. Turning school busses into electric busses, cuts student bus riders’ asthma in half! The longer we wait to turn ourselves into a more sustainable system, the more people suffer and die and the more animals we lose to extinction. We have the power to turn things around but it will take effort. The Chinese are well ahead of us in green technology and energy production and so is much of Europe. It’s time we get on the bandwagon.

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