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  • A Few Reminders

    A Few Reminders

    Here we are already in the second month of 2023. January seemed to fly on by at the speed of light. The beginning of February is a bit sentimental for me. Today is the 106th anniversary of my grandmothers birth. She passed in 2005 at the age of 88. Grandma was a woman who if […]

  • Our Ongoing Anti-Racism Work

    Our Ongoing Anti-Racism Work

    Jennifer Drury – February 2 Yesterday, I led four virtual meetings with Washington legislators, parents and our district superintendent. I have six more meetings set up in the coming weeks during the Washington State Legislative Session.  It’s an exciting time! Over a thousand bills have already been introduced. In my PTA advocacy work for students and families, it […]

  • I’ve Been Wondering

    I’ve Been Wondering

    Much to the annoyance of my children growing up. I love walking through museums that contain ancient artifacts stopping at each item and reading the attached description. While the description may date the item and give information as to its use. Most often what is missing is the story behind the artifact. I have been […]

  • Transitions, Grief and Joy

    Transitions, Grief and Joy

    It wasn’t until I sat down with the Pastoral Counselor at the Center for Ministry back in 2003 to explore my call into full-time Pastoral Ministry that I began to understand and unpack the small griefs in my life. When I thought about grief, I thought about the loss of my Granddad, Father, Pastor, and […]