Our Ongoing Ani-Racism Work

Jennifer Drury, May 12

The silver lining to having a terrible cold last week was finding time to read this book that Pastor Chris recommended.  Chris Hoke’s daily routine could not contrast more from my own in terms of his sleep habits and energy levels. More like his father, in my world, rarely does anything good happen after 10pm. But I was immediately drawn into his story as he described his listless, wandering spirit searching for a deeper, more visceral faith.  His is a story of risk and adventure not just for the sake of rebellion, but in search of purpose and a closer relationship with God.  He discovers and shares the most sublime truths of Christian scripture in relationship with people on the margins. People that our social and political structures seem to try to dispose of or at the least ignore.  The subject matter and the quality of his writing make this truly worth the time. I read it in thirty-six hours because I found his application of the Bible so compelling and inspiring but many of the chapters could be read as short stories. We could pick a chapter for discussion in an upcoming Sunday school session. I hope you read it and let me know what you think. 



Interweaving his own story with moving vignettes and gritty experiences in hidden places, a jail chaplain and minister to Mexican gang an…www.goodreads.com