Soaking in the Sun!

My son, our dogs, and myself arrived home early in this morning after spending a day on the beach, Tuesday. Yesterday, we drove home up Hwy 101 through the Redwoods, and into Oregon to catch I-5 at Grants Pass. As we traveled on Hwy 199 we were treated to the lovely view of the native dogwood trees and their happy white blossoms shining in the sun. From the Pacific Coast and its majestic giant redwoods to the humble dogwood – my heart was blessed by the natural beauty of our planet Earth. God’s perfect design. May we be better stewards of our earthly home.

Boo and I have been working from home today, grateful for the journey to be with my mom during her procedure and recovery, and the precious time with my son and his dog, Kai. Pictured above is Boo spending time on my moms back patio, nose pointed into he wind, soaking in the sun. Oh – and I am very cold today back in the PNW. Brrrr. -Pastor Denise

Photo Credit – Denise Aanenson