A note about reopening

​Since late fall, along with the Deacon Board, I have been mulling over the timing of our return to hybrid (in-person & online) worship. At our last Deacon meeting on February 9, we decided to take a step and set the date for return on March 20. Our return to in-person/hybrid worship means, we will be taking baby steps, or to say it another way. We will take it slow and with caution. Everyone attending in-person will be required to be masked as we did before, including those who are leading or preaching. I would encourage the use of KN95 masks (you can pick up some on Amazon) or medical masks (the church has a large supply of the medical masks that will be available in the foyer). The cloth masks that we had previously worn are not adequate with the Omicron Variant, per the CDC. Being masked, vaccinated (including boosted) is the best defense we have against this horrid virus.

While in the facility, please keep distance between each other, and remember to ask before you hug or offer a hand. Not all of us are comfortable with a hug or even a handshake. We will also continue to suspend serving refreshments, coffee, or tea after the service for the time being (baby steps).

This will be a time to be extra careful with your own health and that of others. If you are not feeling well, have a fever, mild cold symptoms, or flu like symptoms (check the CDC website for specifics) stay home and watch online. You will be missed, but your germs will not be missed. Remember to be in prayer for the numbers to continue to go down and for relief for medical staff. Photo by visuals on Unsplash

-Pastor Denise