Baptists arrested in Haiti NOT affiliated with ABC-USA

From the ABC-USA Website:

webmaster posted on February 01, 2010 10:45

In the news, reporters are referring to the group of ten missionaries arrested over the weekend as “American Baptist” or from an “American Baptist church” because they are from the United States, but the expression might create confusion among our constituents. Please know that this group is not affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA.

Please see the letter from the President of the Board of International Ministries, Ruth Clark, below:

Addressed to News Affiliate:
Dear Sir or Madam:

As I watched your report of the Baptists arrested for suspicion of kidnapping the children, I was concerned about mis-communication in your report. While the people involved are Baptists from the United States, they are not American Baptists, a title belonging to the churches who are part of the American Baptist Churches/USA based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Please correct this in future broadcasts.

The American Baptist Churches/USA are very involved in earthquake relief through our partnerships in Haiti as well as through our missionaries there. We do not want any misunderstanding of our work.


Ruth Clark
President, Board of International Ministries
American Baptist Churches/USA