Mothers Day-Two Uppity Women

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Gathering Song: The Family of God

Call To Worship – from Psalm 140

LEADER: Protect me, God, from the unkind; from those of violence, keep vigilant watch, those who intend to make me stumble.
PEOPLE: I said to God: “You are the wellspring of my strength!”  Open your ears, Holy One, to my cry.
LEADER: God, my Upholder, you are the strength behind my salvation.  You cover my head with comfort on the day when disaster strikes.
PEOPLE: A person with hateful tongue will never be at peace in the land.
LEADER: Those of violence—their own evil will hunt them down thrust upon thrust.
PEOPLE: I know what God will do—
LEADER: You stand up for the afflicted, bringing down judgment on behalf of the poor.
ALL: Only the righteous are grateful for your name; only the honest can dwell in your presence.
Pamela Greenberg, “The Complete Psalms”

Hymn: Standing on the Promises 

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Whose constant love and grace we know. Bless now, O God, these gifts we give, That others may in your peace live. Amen.

Hymn: God of the Women

Acts 16: 11-40
Two Uppity Women

Hymn: Go Down Moses

Shalom Circle

Shalom Circle: Shalom, my friends; Shalom, my friends; Shalom, Shalom. We’ll see you again; We’ll see you again; Shalom, Shalom.