March 29 Worship-The Path Less Chosen

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Gathering Song: There is a Balm in Gilead

Call To Worship – from Psalm 31

LEADER: O God, I have put my trust in you.
PEOPLE: I will rejoice and take pleasure in your kindness, knowing that you have seen my affliction.
LEADER: I have heard accusations of the crowd, a whirlwind of terror all around when they gathered against me.
PEOPLE: They schemed to take my life―but I trusted in you.
LEADER: How wide is your concern!  You shelter those who revere you, protecting all who take refuge in you from harm.
PEOPLE: You heard the voice of my plea, the note of desperation when I cried out for help.
LEADER: Love the Infinite, all who act with kindness; the Holy One keeps watch over the faithful, paying back in good measure those who act with pride.
ALL: Be strong and embolden your hearts, all who long for God.
adapted from The Complete Psalms, Pamela Greenberg

Hymn: A Mighty Fortress is Our God 

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Whose constant love and grace we know.
Bless now, O God, these gifts we give, That others may in your peace live. Amen.

Hymn: In Times Like These

Matthew 7:13-29
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Hymn: I Saw the Light 

Shalom Circle

Shalom Circle: Shalom, my friends; Shalom, my friends; Shalom, Shalom. We’ll see you again; We’ll see you again; Shalom, Shalom.